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October 2018

Our meeting this month was held in Nottingham Road where we met with our auctioneers AAM afterwards.  Nico reported back on the two Nguni Breeders Society council meetings he attended.  The  council is trying to revive the Society which has also lost members.  They are looking to improve their marketing strategy and to consider the communal and emerging farmers together with the commercial breeders.  With regard to our outreach to colleges, they are very supportive and will help with training etc.  They have also donated R25 000 towards our Royal Show AGM expenses.  The Society have adjusted parts of the performance testing – it is not compulsory to weigh cow and calf at birth and weaning.

Nico has managed to book Johann Zietsman to talk at the Show next year.  He is a fundi on ultra high stock density grazing.  We hope to have some exceptional, selected Ngunis at the show and also some cross breds for his talk.  The Show CEO, Mr Strachan, has been very enthusiastic about our proposal for the Show.  More next time.......

The objective of the AAM meeting was to discuss the upcoming Spring Bull Sale and future Nguni Club sales.  For this Spring Bull Sale, there has been a good support, which great.  Thank you to those who entered animals. 

It was agreed that, in future, all animals at KZN Club sales must be tested eg Vibrio, Tricho and fertility for bulls; TB, CA, preg test for females.  Buyers are looking for top quality, tested animals and will not come to sales where this is not the case. We urge you to work with us in this regard.

Once again we would like to thank all who have paid their subscriptions for 2018.  After the Spring Sale we had three new members which is fantastic.  Our membership is growing!  So, are YOUR subs up to date?  If you have a query, please contact Lloyd.


                                    Nguni National Sale22 November 2018 – Bloemfontein after the AGM.  For further information contact Sandi – 0827238223 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This and future newsletters will have a page condensed by Yolanda Venter from her thesis on Ngunis.  See the next page.

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