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July 2018

Welcome to our first Newsletter under your new committee.  The committee was elected at the General Meeting held at the Nguni Stand, Royal Show, Pietermaritzburg on 26th May 2018.  Nico thanks all those who attended the meeting, were available to be on the committee and the positive feed back.  The committee will endeavour to do all it can for the good of the Club and the Nguni breed.

The committee members are:

Chairman                                 Nico Harris                  082 773 4545

Vice-Chairman                        Gav Calverley             082 409 1825

Finance                                    Lloyd Rowlands         082 454 8228

Secretary/Newsletter               Sandi Calverley           082 723 8223

Additional Members               Elize Roberts               082 896 4629 

                                                Clive Biggs.                082 308 8568

Please feel free to contact any of the committee with ideas, issues etc.  We depend on your interaction.

Our objective is to try and get fellow Nguni breeders motivated and keen again.  One does not have to be a stud breeder to be a member – commercial breeders as well as retired Nguni farmers are welcome to join or rejoin.  You are all welcome.  The subs are still only R300 per annum.  What we can share about the Nguni cattle is worth far more than that to each of us.  Outstanding subs prior to 2018 will be waived, so you are urged to pay your current 2018-19 subs and remain a member.

To motivate membership, the committee are planning the following:

  • Annual open/info days – invite Nguni farmers from other provinces to talk.
  • Annual Nguni Tour – Feb/March in a 20 seater bus.
  • Visit Agricultural Colleges – encourage to use Ngunis.
  • New Buyer Info day – inform buyers what to look for in an animal.
  • Nguni Breeders Society – can do courses for members.
  • Newsletter – to keep members informed about ideas and decisions, sales, animals for sale etc.
  • Feed back from members - VIP

Before going any further, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Cesaltina for all her hard work and effort in producing the previous award winning Newsletter.  She tried very hard to keep it going but we, as members, let her down with our lack of feedback.

Whilst we would also like feedback and input from the members, this Newsletter is primarily to keep you, the member, informed of events, sales etc.  It will be sent out after meetings and before a Club sale.  You are invited to submit articles, sale animals, snippets etc for the Newsletter.

The committee plan on Honouring members, who will be selected at the committee’s discretion within guidelines, at an appropriate function – possibly a special day at the 2019 Royal Show.

FORTH COMING EVENTS                       Nguni Society Council Meeting – 23-24 July 2018 -                                    Bloemfontein.             Feedback from this meeting will be shared via the Newsletter.

                                                            Spring Bull Sale – 20 October 2018 – venue to be announced

                                                            Nguni National Sale22 November 2018 – Bloemfontein after                 the AGM.  For further information contact Sandi – 0827238223 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




T 10 181

This is an SP 8 year old, Bigg’s bred bull from the Morgan line. DOB 29/08/2010

Selling as he is coming back onto his heifers.

Price R20 000.00

Contact: Gav Calverley 0824091825


Please contact one of us if you have anything you would like discussed.

Scribe: Sandi Calverley – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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