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February 2019


Before going on with the news, we wish you all the very best for 2019, albeit belated!  We pray that 2019 will be a great year for all and the Nguni cattle.


We have had two committee meetings since the last newsletter.  The first was at the Royal Showgrounds in November and the second last month at the home of Elize and Gerhard Roberts.  In November, we met with Mr Strachan regarding our AGM and proposed talk at the Show.  He was very enthusiastic and agreeable.  We encourage you all to please attend the AGM and talk – bring a friend.


Nico has been elected onto the Nguni Cattle Breeders Society Council.  He has attended quite a few meetings since then.  At the AGM, our Club was voted the Best Club in 2018!  The KZN Club has a page both in the 2019 calender and the Journal.


The Royal Show, future sales and the Nguni Cattle Breeders Society have been matters at both our meetings.  Regarding the Mooi Nguni sale, we plan to improve the quality of cattle and keep the standard high to encourage the serious buyers from inside and outside the province.  We have had a meeting with AAM and are working together towards this end.


Due to various commitments of the committee members, it has been decided not to have a tour this year but more farm visits.  Our first farm visit will be on Saturday 13th April in the Harrismith area and all are invited.  Should you be keen to host a farm visit, please contact any of the committee or myself.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


Our webpage is up and running –  Please have a look and contact Lloyd should you wish to add an event etc. As always, your feedback is welcomed both on the website, newsletter or any other matter.  We would like to thank Collet van Staden for offering to help with the website, newsletters etc.  This is YOUR club and to keep it the best, your input in valuable.  On that note, Pauline Frazer has a Facebook page – “Nguni – the purchases and sales of Nguni Cattle” where Ngunis are promoted for sale, what you would like to buy, auctions etc.  Do have a look at it.





                                    KZN Nguni Club SaleSaturday 16th March 2019 at the Mooi River Sale Yard at 10 am.  Hopefully you will have entered.


                                    Farm Visit – Skeurklip Nguni Open Day – Saturday 13th April.  Further info to follow.  Contact Elize Roberts 0828964629


                                    KZN Nguni Club AGM – Monday 27th May 2019 at the Royal Showgrounds at 14:30, to be followed by talk by Mr Zietsman then a braai.  Please diarise this date now as it will be a very special AGM with presentations to Honorary Members.



See the Attachment


“The inheritance of coat colour genes in Nguni cattle”



Your Committee


Chairman        Nico Harris                  0827734545

Secretary         Sandi Calverley          0827238223

Treasurer         Lloyd Rowlands          0824548228

Members         Gav Calverley             0824091825

                                  Elize Roberts              0828964629

                                  Clive Biggs                 0823088568


As we are trying hard to keep all our members informed and interested, please do not hesitate to contact any Committee member to share any ideas, suggestions etc.  We are committed to servicing the Club.  Should you know anyone who is passionate about Ngunis and would like to join, give them our contact details.



Scribe: Sandi Calverley – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” Prov 19:11 NIV



October 2018

Our meeting this month was held in Nottingham Road where we met with our auctioneers AAM afterwards.  Nico reported back on the two Nguni Breeders Society council meetings he attended.  The  council is trying to revive the Society which has also lost members.  They are looking to improve their marketing strategy and to consider the communal and emerging farmers together with the commercial breeders.  With regard to our outreach to colleges, they are very supportive and will help with training etc.  They have also donated R25 000 towards our Royal Show AGM expenses.  The Society have adjusted parts of the performance testing – it is not compulsory to weigh cow and calf at birth and weaning.



July 2018

Welcome to our first Newsletter under your new committee.  The committee was elected at the General Meeting held at the Nguni Stand, Royal Show, Pietermaritzburg on 26th May 2018.  Nico thanks all those who attended the meeting, were available to be on the committee and the positive feed back.  The committee will endeavour to do all it can for the good of the Club and the Nguni breed.



August 2018

We did not have an actual meeting this month – went the whatsapp route, but have a few items of interest for you.